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Drugs as Weapons Against Us

The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other Activists



 Drugs as Weapons Against Us meticulously details how a group of opium-trafficking families came to form an American oligarchy and eventually achieved global dominance. They directed the CIA in operations such as MK-Ultra pushed LSD and other drugs on leftist leaders and left-leaning populations at home and abroad. Evidence supports that this oligarchy further led the United States into its longest-running wars in the ideal areas for opium crops, while also massively funding wars in areas of coca plant abundance for cocaine production under the guise of a “war on drugs” that is actually the use of drugs as a war on us. Drugs as Weapons Against Us tells how scores of undercover U.S. Intelligence agents used drugs in the targeting of leftist leaders from SDS to the Black Panthers, Young Lords, Latin Kings, and the Occupy Movement. It also tells how they particularly targeted leftist musicians, including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac Shakur to promote drugs while later murdering them when they started sobering up and taking on more leftist activism. The book further uncovers the evidence that Intelligence agents dosed Paul Robeson with LSD, gave Mick Jagger his first hit of acid, hooked Janis Joplin on amphetamines, as well as manipulating Elvis Presley, Eminem, the Wu Tang Clan, and others.


"Both well-researched and an exhilarating read, Drugs as Weapons Against Us exposes the dark history of the state’s use of drugs as both a tool of imperialism abroad and of social control at home." —Kara Dellacioppa, chair of the Sociology Department, California State University; author, This Bridge Called Zapatismo; editor, Cultural Politics and Resistance in the 21st Century


Drugs as Weapons Against Us presents evidence that:


 * U.S. Intelligence has been the largest LSD trafficker in the world

 * Assassinated American opposed the war in a top opium growing area.

 * CIA's MK-Ultra had a hit list of opposition leaders to dose with LSD and other drugs.

 * MK-Ultra agents frequented West Coast "Acid Tests" and Leary's Milbrook acid estate.

 * Undercover agents dosed musicians, writers and political activists here and abroad.

 * George Harrison's dentist gave him and John Lennon their first doses of LSD covertly.

 * An attorney and legal reporter's eight-year study said the CIA murdered Lennon.

 * An FBI asset supplied Mick Jagger's first hit of LSD, then framed him and Keith Richards.

 * Jimi Hendrix's manager, once in Britain's MI6, reportedly admitted murdering him.

 * Janis Joplin died of a hotshot of potent heroin just before her first anti-War concerts.

 * Drugs were used on Black Panthers Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, and Afeni Shakur.

 * Nazis aided CIA & cocaine lords in the mass murder of Latin American revolutionaries.

 * Kurt Cobain wanted anarchist essays inside the thirty million-selling Nirvana album.

 * Police supervisor told officers not to investigate Cobain's death as murder.

 * Tupac Shakur's gang-conversion movement cost billions in laundered drug money.

 * Cops working at murdered Tupac's Death Row label were described as "covert agents."

 * Drugs were used on Occupiers; a provisional plan to shoot leaders in Texas was found. 


 John Potash completed graduate studies at Columbia University. He published his first book, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, in 2007. Potash has been featured on CSPAN's American History TV and has been interviewed on dozens of radio programs around the U.S. and abroad. His work has also been published in The Baltimore Chronicle, The City Paper, Covert Action Quarterly, Rock Creek Free Press, and Z magazine. He has worked counseling people with mental illness and addictions for over 25 years.


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